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Health Is Important

The biggest gift you have in your life is your health. Being in full control of your mind + body from inside out is incredibly beautiful. You deserve to achieve all you desire + live a healthy life.

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At QSN we strive to develop our products with the highest quality and that is vital to our success. We develop our products to be the fuel that allows everyday gamers to attain extraordinary results.

QSN Gaming Esports Nootropic Supplements are designed with the highest quality all-natural ingredients to help you always perform at your best. We understand that streaming and gaming for several hours can be very demanding on your mind and body.

That's why we've developed our supplements to help you get ready and stay ready for whatever happens in-game without the side effects of crashing, eye, hand and body jitters.

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Qrew Love

Here at QSN our slogan is "You're In Control" so we strive to make the highest quality gaming supplements + products that man can create. For us quality means doing it right when no one is looking. We want to make the best gaming supplements + products in the world.


QSN Launch Gummy


Mode: Morning

Launch is a daily morning gummy for your brain and when taken consistently can improve reaction time, mental clarity and focus.

QSN Zone Gummy


Mode: Pre-Gaming

Zone is a daily pre-gaming gummy designed to promote alertness, focus and energy putting you in the mental Zone to perform at your best.

QSN Restore Gummy


Mode: Sleep

Restore is a daily night gummy to support healthy sleep, so you can recover from a long day of gaming and get your best sleep every night.

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